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Children raised permissively don’t mature in a healthy way

They lack self-discipline and are usually overly dependent, feel insecure, act out, and have difficulty in social situations.

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Harsh discipline leads to more behavior problems, not fewer

Harshly disciplined children are less resourceful, have poorer social skills, and lower self-esteem. They are often prone to anxiety and depression.

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Emerging neuroscience research helps us to be kind and effective parents

Babies and children are "wired" to connect with their parents. This is the key to creating a healthy, life-long bond with your child.

Caring & Connected Parenting is for Everyone

From birth, your baby is watching and learning from you. You can be the type of loving, caring parent you want your child to become one day.

There is no perfect parent. Everyone makes mistakes. The goal is to raise a child who feels loved, safe and valued—a child who cares for you, for others and for herself.

No matter what your background, Caring & Connected Parenting will teach you techniques to help you be a better and happier parent.

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