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It is easy-to-read and has only 5 or 6 pages for each age group.

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It makes parenting easier

Children who are connected with their parents are naturally better behaved.

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It's the foundation for a healthy family

No matter what kind of family, Caring & Connected Parenting is made for you.

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Endorsed by leading pediatricians and thought leaders

People like pediatricians and authors T. Berry Brazelton and Laura Jana; Nobel Peace Prize laureates Desmond Tutu and Betty Williams; researcher and author Daniel Siegel, and author and thought leader Riane Eisler.

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Why is the guide free?

Licia Rando, author of Caring & Connected Parenting: A Guide to Raising Connected Children, is an educator, social worker, and children's book author. She wrote Caring & Connected Parenting after two years of research on attachment, neuroscience, and interpersonal neurobiology.

During this research, Licia discovered many practices that would have helped her while raising her own children. She wanted the guide to be free because she believes all parents have the right to know how to best raise their children to be healthy, happy, caring adults.

Parenting is a difficult job that is extremely important to the health of our society. This guide will start you in the right direction of creating a loving relationship with your child that will last a lifetime.

Licia Rando

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