Role Play Activities During COVID-19 Social Distancing

Activities for 4-7 year olds (plus or minus a year depending on child)

Need time to do some work? Creative types of activities can last hours and are repeated often by many children. Taking on roles is shown to improve executive functions for many who struggle with focus and attention.

Grocery Store

Save empty containers such as cereal boxes, yogurt containers, etc. Price these items for practice using money as age appropriate. The prices don’t have to make sense. Use board game money or make paper money (search play money online) and add coins. If your child is familiar with banks and bank tellers, money can be used to play bank on another day.


Make tents out of cushions or put sheets over tables. Give some materials for camping such as flashlights, blanket sleeping bags, marshmallows and sticks, a bear. Your children will create the rest of the story.


Have children make a fort out of cushions, sheets, etc. Give balled up scrap paper to defend against advances.

Hair Salon

Give children a chair, towel, comb, brush, squirt bottle with water, many hair accessories and a mirror and you have a salon.


Cloth napkins, place settings, pad of paper, food, bread basket make for a dinner out. Have the children design the menu. This is a good time to practice manners.


With or without musical instruments, everyone offers something to the parade such as twirling a baton, dancing, military walks and movement. Use face paint and costumes. If room allows add strollers and bikes. Weave through the house, outside yard and driveway, whatever works for you.

Wild Animal Recovery

Hide stuffed animals around the apartment, give the children a list of escaped animals and a flashlight. Create a story assignment. Shut off the lights.

Space Station

Boxes can be made into cars, rocket ships, houses, etc. Have children color the box, tape a calculator or keyboard to the interior to punch in destinations.


Have children act the parts of their favorite shows or books. Plan and prepare for a song and dance performance.


Fasten towel on child’s back with elastic bands. Create a story line and assign your child a task. Many children may like to save the world right now from some invisible villain.

Other ideas

  • Doctor or Vet Office
  • School
  • House
  • Zoo
  • Auto repair or in warm weather car wash